What are the Best Cats’ Characteristics

If you have a cat you know! And if you don’t have then you must know! Here the thing I am talking about is cats’ characteristics. Cats actually emblem many of humans’ nature and characteristics. This lazy creature is very funny and can give you some of the best memories of life. Here is for you some of the Cats’ characteristics, experiencing which can make your day. National Cat Day will be celebrated around the world on 29th October, so cat lovers out there, check out some best characteristics of cats.


Loving and Caring

Cat is that domestic animal who is mostly clam and does not bother their masters much. They love to be cuddly and very friendly with kids. Though there are many negative


Yes, cats are curious. Every time, if they get something which they don’t understand or they find mysterious, they just pounce on them, until they come to a conclusion! They take their curiosity very seriously!

Cats are independent animals. Cats and dogs often coexist in harmony, and felines and birds or hamsters are also known to be friends. Still it is better to keep the cat alone as they are very independent and has a curious mind. They try to pouch and taste or feel everything they get!


One of the laziest animal of the universe this ball of furs spend almost 1/3 of their life. Known for sleeping almost every weird place they are very cuddly to and prefers warmth at the time of sleep and chill!

Smart and Intelligent

 Cat is a smart animal and they are intelligent too! If you watch their poster and movement and the way they watch their prey and hunt, it is a sheer expression of their sharp and fertile mind. Though their lazy nature often over shadow it but at times of need, they can be very smart in their conduct.


Cats are funny. They do weird stuffs to entertain their masters and at times entertain themselves. You can find it sitting in an unladylike position or jumping here and there. Don’t worry, when they sprawl their legs open they are probably relaxing and if they are dancing and jumping for no reason they are probably panting up the stored energy.


Of course, a cat is playful. If they like or hate some toy, their loving or angry expression with that toy or thing can make your day. They jump, purr, run and gets scared and jump into in your lap! They are real playmates for the kids. Though, they are grumpy at times but they are really very charming and playful.


Cats have a habit of rubbing themselves to their masters. It’s weird and a very cute habit. Such behaviors are just a clear indication of their loving and friendly nature of a cat. Yes, cats are friendly but they don’t lick you as a dog to prove their friendly nature they just become more cozy with you.

Silly and Goofy

Yaa, that they are! Have you seen them doing weird stuffs! They are crazy! Then jump, fights with a toy sleeps in your kitchen and oven is their favourite! They follow you wherever you go! They make weird faces and give funny expressions. If you have a cat you must know, as these are your everyday incident with your cat!


If there is one thing, you can relate a cat with a specific gesture of them that will be their cuddly nature. Cat is those animals who has a very feminine characteristics and that is why two things are very prominent of their character. One is getting love and the other is to get attention. Their cuddly nature actually fulfils both of them.


Haha, one of my favourite actions from them! They stretch a lot, literally. The stretching is just too human an action and do it usually after a good sleep and the relation between sleep and cats is god written. So, after a good sleep they do that too!

Tendency to Vocalize

Cats have a tendency to vocalize. They can create different sound at different situations. Now if you watch very carefully, then you will be able to understand the mentality of a cat at that time of purring. They get angry easily as they are very pampered. So, most of the time, their anger and irritation come through their tendency to vocalization.

Kid Friendly

Cats love kids. They are their best friends and they at times are very protective towards them. So if you are scared that if you have a small kid in the house then you should no bring a cat in your home! That’s an absolutely a misconception. Whether it can turn out to be your baby’s best friend and the best gift ever!

 Wow isn’t it great! We all know cats are adorable though in preference they are after dogs. But if you want have some funny and memorable days of your life adopt a cat and life will be full of fun and surprises.

What is iMessage? — All Information

what is imessage

iMessage is an Instant Messaging application developed by apple for its devices. iMessage for Windows handles both the standard SMS service and Instant messaging service that works by using the mobile data plan or wifi. It is one of the simplest application available for messaging and is a popular device with more than a billion plus installs. You can use the iMessage app on iPhone, iPad,iPod and Mac simultaneously.

what is imessage

The instant messaging service in iMessage app sends images, files or videos to iOS devices and Mac using mobile internet or wifi that have an activated iMessage app. iMessage does not have options to call directly from the app like other instant messaging services but you can use Facetime app which also comes by default with the Apple devices.

Here are some basic things you should know to take care of before using iMessage app.

Turning iMessage on or off:

To turn iMessage on or off follow these steps. First, go to settings and then to messages and then you can turn it on or off by toggling the button next to iMessage.  If you are not using iMessage app or not working properly then you can use SMS service which comes by default.

Alternative to iMessage if it is not functioning properly:

To use SMS/MMS on youriPhone, you should have a text messaging plan. Users can also set up their other Apple devices to send and receiveSMS and MMS messages. Ifwifi is not available or not in range then the iMessage app uses the mobile data to send and receive the messages.

To enter a new contact:

Toenter a mobile number or email id of the person to whom you need to send the message follow these. You can add the contact by pressing the + button which is at the top right corner and then choose a contact to send  a message.You can include or add photos, videos, audio and also include emojis in your messages.

Forwarding a message:

For forwarding a message you have to open the iMessage app and then you have to select the message out all the conversations you have. Then you choose the conversation and once you see the message you need to forward then long press on the selected textwhich gives you the option to copy. After copying the message that you need then open a new contact to whom you need to send. Now again long press on the text area then you can see an option to paste.Then click on send button and the message will be forwarded successfully to the contact.

These are some basic commands every iMessage user should know to use the instant messaging app.

iMessage being a popular messaging app Apple releases regular updates which may sometimes not work correctly or changes the presetting which would be awful. So users should backup their data regularly to your PC or iCloud by which you can restore your setting and messages again.

How to recover Deleted Kik Messages — Full Tutorial

kik messages

Kik Messenger is an instant messaging app created and released in 2010 by a team of innovative members in the University of Waterloo in Canada. Kik Interactive it the company that created Kik messenger. Kik Messenger is a free to use messaging app to send text, images, file and video between the users you knew the username. Kik Login requires the username of a user to interact with them. It works using the Internet to send the data, and its best feature is its anonymity. No one needs to know your mobile number or email id to contact you which makes you easy to get off something easily without being contacted in any other way. This is why this app is mostly famous among teenagers and spammers. As of December Kik Messenger had a user base of 240 million and is available for iOS, Android, and Microsoft Phone.

kik messages

Kik messenger had some interactive features like scanning a QR-code to connect with others and using bots to increase the fun of the instant messaging. Kik messenger also supports group chats, adding gifs, live capture and share and much more to explore.

How to recover Kik Messages:

Recovering Kik messages is a hard process because Kik Messenger does not store your data in their databases. Still, there are hard ways to get the things done by using different tools that can extract the data from your mobiles scan them and restore them for you but there are no guarantees that this process recovers your Kik messages.

Recovering Kik messages for iPhone:

Step 1: To start this process you need to download iPhone Data Recovery software which is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Step 2: Install the app on your PC or Mac.

Step 3: Now run the iPhone Data Recovery tool onyour PC.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone to PC using a USB cable.

Step 5: Select “Recover from iOS device” option.

Step 6: Select the Kik icon on the screen and click next.

Now the software will extract all the data in your iPhone and recovers Kik messages as much as possible and shows them on the Kik app. This is the best possible way to retrieve the lost Kik messages.

Note: This process does not guarantee you to recover all or any data from your mobile.

Recovering Kik messages for Android:

For this process, you need to root your mobile to recover Kik Messages which is not preferred to do if you are not having much knowledge on how to root your Android Mobile or if your mobile is still under warranty.

This process is very simple to use, once you have a rooted device install GT Kik Recovery app from play store. After installing,click the option “Scan Deleted Chats” and the app starts the process of recovering. Once the scanning is completed it provides you with all the chats it able to extract and send them to Kik App.

These are the process available to recover Kik messages from your smartphones.

GTA VI announcement rumored to be in Mid June, VR support and Worldwide Maps may get included!

Our world is all about latest technology and games. There was a time when most of our CPU’s had a 1 or 2 GB RAM and in today’s time, smartphones are having 3 GB or RAM. You might wonder so much power for what? Well, the manufacturers have started to make their devices in such a way that they are able to handle all the heavy gaming with ease because, to be honest, samrtphone can easily handle calling and internet surfing.  If they are investing so much in their smartphones because of these games then there must be people who are mad about games. Well, the answer is yes, and one of the main reasons behind it is Rockstar Games.


Rockstar Games have been a part of our childhood, our teenage years and as well as our adulthood. Back then we used to entertain ourselves with GTA Vice City and now we are entertaining ourselves with GTA V, which by the way is brilliant. Well, maybe it’s time for the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series which is GTA VI. In a recent press conference, Deviant, who owns Rockstar Games said that we might see something big coming and rumors are that they are going to announce GTA VI soon. same time, Sims 5 also release in the market.

Well, let’s have a sneak peek at what to expect from GTA VI and how will it be different from GTA V.

  1. Maps and Geographic structures.

We have seen that Rockstar Games tend to include some famous places from America like the Grand Canyon or the traditional Los Santos sign board but what we missed was real time maps. The game never had any links to what we see in reality. Well, this time Rockstar Games might surprise us all as they might include worldwide maps which means you can play this game and fly to any country you want.

  1. Female Character.

GTA series isn’t only loved by boys but girls around them also love to play the game and that is why, for the first time, Rockstar Games might include a female character in their game which would mean that their female fans will also have a reason to buy and play the game and also love it at the same time.

  1. Licensed Vehicles

This is the only thing that GTA Games lacked, Licensed Vehicles. Now you will be able to steal and drive cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or even Bugatti.

  1. VR Support

Smartphones are launching with the VR (Virtual Reality) Support then why wouldn’t Rockstar Games launch GTA VI with the VR support? In fact, GTA VI will be such an eye candy when played in VR.

  1. Announcement and Release Dates

Rockstar Games is set o launch something big and if its GTA 6, then you might expect it happening during 14th to 18th June at the Electronic Expo, 2016. If Rockstar Games announces the GTA VI in the first quarter, then we might see the release of the game by December, in third quarter.

Euro 2016: Where are the best players?


The 2016 European Championships are all set to showcase some of the best talents from different corners of Europe. When the coaches show more than one valid reason to omit the popular names, there are a number of allegations drowning the voices of reason. Anything and everything from racism to bribery is being insinuated if not suggested as the influencing factor in the final decision making processes. check the all match of euro cup 2016 live streaming on our website.


Surprise Inclusions and Injuries

Danny Drinkwater was the first letdown of the season, when Roy Hodgson excluded him from England’s 23-man squad. Drinkwater suffered serious injuries during the friendlies and he will be accompanied by Andros Townsend of Newcastle. However the inclusion of Sturridge was quite astounding as the extent of his physical injuries were enough to make him miss out their last match. On the other hand, Rashford was quite the popular choice as he is the young gun who has the potential to lead England to a glorious victory this season. At the end of the day, Hodgson’s decisions rewarded him with quite a balanced team. However the case is not true for all the other teams who are to take part in this historical tournament. check out the list of Euro Cup 2016 Stadiums.

Baffling Decision Making

Marco Reus has seen the red card as far as the team listing is concerned. Low made it clear that excluding players and including new names has nothing to do with their individual performance but the performance of the team as a whole. Quite surprisingly Bastian Schweinsteiger made the cut in spite of not playing almost all season due to a partial ligament tear. Hummels is also included in the final 23-man squad as Low confirms, “The health conditions of Schweinsteiger and Hummel are stable and they will be able to perform on the greens in their upcoming matches in the Euro.” These are just a few decisions which made most of the German fans cry foul against the authorities and the coaches. The inclusion of Kimmich and Weigl to the final squad is quite baffling as well as they have made quite forgettable debuts against Slovakia in their sole losing match.

Allegations of Racism

On the other hand matters are turning quite chaotic for the host country as an established actor accuses the authorities of excluding brilliant players of North African origin. Eric Cantona, former Man U and France striker sparked off controversy when he pointed out that Didier Deschamps excluded Karim Benzema and Ben Arfa from the 23 man squad. Although Deschamps was excluded because he was under formal enquiry and Arfa was omitted due to inconsistent performance, the controversy was rekindled when Jamel Debbouze, comedian and actor regretted the fact that “no players of our origin” were selected to represent France this Euro 2016.

iPhone 7: Will It Be Good News Or Bad News For Apple This Year?


Yes we know that iPhone 7 is not coming to the market anytime before the fall of 2016. This is what makes speculating about the new features and upcoming upgrades so much more exciting. Also this is an even year and as far as Apple history goes, all the iPhones released during the even years (2010, 2012 and 2015) have had immense product upgrades and have been graced with new designs as well. these include our very own iPhone 6 which was the watermark of Apple technology.


Reasons to be concerned

However the recent news regarding Apple’s share of the market is pretty grim. The lack of upgrades and modifications in designs of the last two models (iPhone 6S and 6S plus) have decreased the sales by a staggering 20 percent in the first quarter of this year. Now to make up for this loss Apple will have to pull out all the tricks up their sleeve. This includes introduction of new designs, startling new features and compelling specs which will revive its market share.

Will iPhone 7 be nothing more than a clone?

Although according to many pessimists, iPhone 7 will look like a clone of iPhone 6 we have reason to believe otherwise. Firstly the phone is supposed to come with dual rear cameras. One of the cameras is for short distance zoom. And it is speculated that the lenses will have a flat surface at level with the rest of the body. The lack of raised margins will give the back of the phone a flush look which has never been seen before in any Apple phone. Secondly a major change is expected regarding the home button. The physical button will be replaced by a digital touch sensor button which will directly take users to their home screen. This will remove the screen segregation which is present in all current models.

What’s new and what’s exciting in iPhone 7?

The hushed rumors also tell us that there are chances that this time Apple will include the next-gen A10 Processor from TMSC in their newest model. The iPhone 7 may run on a 2 GB RAM closely followed by iPhone 7S which will have a 3 GB RAM with iOS 10.

The new model is also expected to be much slimmer than the iPhone 6S or the 6S plus. Plus the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack actually eliminates a limiting factor when it comes to phone thickness. A second speaker is to be included in the bottom part of the phone for stereo audio and there have been propositions of selling Lightning-equipped Ear Pods with the iPhone 7.

The other added features will include a better battery life and wireless charging. Using a wireless charger makes it possible to use the phone even while it is charging. In addition to the usual features the new iPhone 7 will definitely be dust-proof and waterproof making it more user friendly.

7 best LG G5 Cases — Must Check If You Own a LG G5

Best LG G5 Cases and Protector

This article is based on the information about the 7 best LG G5 cases and a brief intro about LG G5.

The LG G5 is currently official and is the organization’s new lead cell phone. What’s exceptional about it is the supposed Modular Design, which permits one to extend the device’s usefulness by appending an alternate module, all while holding the removable battery and micro SD card space. So for those who are willing to buy an LG G5, here are the 7 best cases that have been released so far.

 Best LG G5 Cases and Protector

Case#1 – Otterbox Defender Series Case

On the off chance that you work outside, or you have a problem of dropping your cell phone, the Defender Series is going to guarantee that it doesn’t break. There’s an adaptable slip cover, an intense polycarbonate shell, and an implicit screen defender. There are additionally covers for your ports and buttons. The triangular cut-out on the back gives simple access to the fingermark scanner and guarantees that you can exploit the camera.

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Case#2 – Tech21 Evo Check Case

This case really emphases protection and defense around the frame of your LG G5, where it is required a lot, usually. Its back is translucent with fine edged cuts for the camera and fingerprint sensor.

Case#3 – Case-Mate Tough Case

It’s plain dark, yet the completion is textured with a sort of precious diamond example that includes some hold. The openings for the camera, finger impression sensor, and ports are exact. It is additionally a double layer case, so it can deal with knocks and falls. The main genuine point of interest put something aside for the unpretentious Case-Mate logo on the back, is the metallic button covering for the volume controls.

Case#4 – Sketch Crystal Case

There’s a strong back panel, equipped with a more adaptable guard that protects against the shock of effect when you drop your cell phone. It’s genuinely thin, the cut-outs are exact, and the cover for the volume buttons functions properly. You’ll additionally feel a raised lip around the screen to keep it from touching down on any surface.

Case#5 – Incipio Octane Case

This cover form Incipio adds up to the decency of your mobile. There’s a transparent and clear back cover made of intense, iced polycarbonate, and it’s supported by an adaptable TPU guard that arrives in an assortment of colors including hot pink, cyan, dark, and turquoise. The cut-outs are splendidly put and the button part functions perfectly fine, as we’ve generally expected from Incipio.

Case#6 – Urban Armor Gear Case

This UAG case will surely be in your shopping cart. An intense, straightforward shell with a hexagonal example comes completed in red, dim, blue, or clear. There’s likewise an effect safe center of absorbing drop shock and some external support in the corners where you require it most.

Case#7 – Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Spigen does a truly decent line of essential cases that look more extravagant than they truly are. This present one’s an impeccable illustration since it’s produced using basic TPU, however, it has two carbon fibers impact boards on the back that raise the outline.

Hope you have got what you were looking for and keep up with us to get new updates regarding the cases of LG G5, however LG G6 is all set to be unveiled this year and its cutting edge cases are already creating gaga over the smartphone enthusiasts.

Galaxy S7 Vs iPhone 6S – Under The Hood Comparison

Comparison Between Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S

Today we will dig into the comparison between Samsung’s Flagship Phone Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple’s Flagship Phone Apple iPhone 6S. Which is more value for money? Let’s check out and help you to decide if you have any plan to buy a flagship phone.

Comparison Between Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S

Design and Display

The iPhone 6s weighs around 172 grams. The thickness of the Apple iPhone 6S is 0.28 inches. It also has 5.5 inces Display Size. It boasts of a Retina HD Display.

Resolution of Galaxy S7 is 1920 X 1080 pixels and offers with 401 Pixels Per Inch. It also has 500 cd/m2 max brightness feature.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 5.1 inches Display. The Screen Resolution of Galaxy S7 is 2560 X 1440 Pixels. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone offers a very High Quality and High Definition Visuals with a Pixel Density of 577 ppi.

The Apple iPhone 6S has a Retina HD Display whereas the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a Super AMOLED Display.


Galaxy S7 has one of the Best Camera in the phone segments as of now. It has a Primary Camera of 12 Megapixel. The Secondary Camera is of 5 Megapixels.

The Rear Camera or the Primary Camera has a LED (Light Emitting Diode) Flash Support. However, the Front Camera doesn’t posses a Flash Support.

The Galaxy S7 has a 0.46mm Rear Camera. It has f/1.7 Lens Aperture. The Front Camera is a Dual Pixel 12 MP Camera. Every Pixel on the Image Sensor has 2 Photodiodes giving you a Realistic Image as a Human Eye would!

Other Features of Galaxy S7 are as follows:

1. Motion Photo
2. Hyperlapse
3. Panoramic Pictures
4. Video Digital Image Stabilization
5. Phase Detection

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Apple’s Flagship Phone Apple iPhone 6S has the Best Camera till date. Apple nevers compromises with the Music Quality and its Camera Quality and Apple is still in the market with such a large maket capitalization.

The Apple iPhone 6S offers a 12 Megapixel iSight Rear or Primary Camera. It uses the Advanced Pixel technology for Still Pictures. It provides f/2.2 aperture. It offers 1090 pixels HD Recording.

The Video Camera offers 4K technology. It is probably 4 times better than a normal HD Quality. HD Videos provides 1920 X 1080 Pixels. The 4K Technology offers 3840 X 2160 Pixels Quality.

The Front Camera in iPhone 6S which is popularly known as FaceTime HD Camera is of 5 Megapixel and offers true Tone Flash feature.

Other Features of Apple iPhone 6s Camera:

1. Optical Image Stabilization
2. Picture – In – Picture
3. Split Screen


Samsung Galaxy S7 boasts a 3000 mAH Battery. It has a Continous Video Recording Time of 17 Hours approximately. Samsung Galaxy S7 provides maximum of 22 Hours of Talktime.

Apple iPhone 6S provides Built – In Rechargeable Lithium – Ion Battery.

Talk Time: Maximum 24 Hours on 3G.
Internet Usage: Upto 12 Hours on 3G, Upto 12 Hours on Wi – Fi
HD Video Recording: Maximum 14 Hours
Audio Playback: Upto 80 Hours
Stand By Time: Upto 380 Hours
Both of them has Fast Charging Technology built in.


The Internal Storage capacity of Galaxy S7 is 32GB whereas the External Expandable Storage capacity is 200GB.

The only famous problem with iPhone is that it doesn’t allow Expandable Storage. The Apple iPhone 6S comes in 2 variants:
1. 16GB
2. 64GB


The Apple iPhone 6S comes with an A8 Chip Processor that offers 64 bit architecture. It also has a M8 Chip which is a Motion Co – Processor. The Samsung S7 offers a 64 bit architecture. It provides 4GB RAM. The processor Clock Cycle is 1.6GHz and has an Octa Core Snapdragon 820 Processor and also complementary Exynos 8890 Octa Core Processor which has a Clock Speed of 2.3GHz.

Hope this comparison helped you to choose which one of it is the most suitable for your daily use. There are already some whispers in the air regarding the iPhone 7 and this time we are expecting a great clash between the two giants of smartphone world. On the other hand Samsung has already gave some hint about Galaxy S8 and we can’t wait to see it in the stores.

FaceTime vs Skype Head to Head Comparison

Facetime vs Skype Comparison

FaceTime and Skype both are world famous video calling app where Skype comes on all smartphone operating system and FaceTime comes only on iOS devices. But a lot of conversations go online about the comparisons of these two web calling app. These two apps have been proved superb and have crossed the limit of expectations of millions. Buy of we really want to draw a fine line of comparison between these two apps, we have dig deep.

Facetime vs Skype Comparison

FaceTime vs Skype- Functions

FaceTime is a video calling app, as well as is offered over Wi-Fi and 3G/ 4G. You can make a voice call, FaceTime audio if your device doesn’t have a front camera or you just choose not to be seen, only heard. FaceTime for PC is also a great option for those who use video calling on a regular basis.

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Skype consists of video calls, however can also be used for voice phone calls (that’s where all of it started). Plus, due to the fact that MSN Carrier was rolled right into Skype, you can use it as an Instant Messaging (IM) solution, sending out text, images, video clip as well as reports. Skype in fact permitted video clip calls over mobile networks before FaceTime did, also on the iPhone.

FaceTime vs Skype- Top quality

Audio and also video clip top quality for video calls is mostly dependent on the rate of the net link in between you as well as the person on the other hand. You may have a quality net connection; however your recipient may live someplace rural with a slow net link.

Skype has to make do with software program to do these tasks, which likewise makes use of even more CPU power, and also battery power. Skype is peer-to-peer though, while Apple uses its own central web servers to facilitate FaceTime calls.

FaceTime vs Skype: Safety and security

An often overlooked factor in message, calling as well as video chatting is protection. Fortunately is that both Skype and also FaceTime are attractively secured. Skype encrypts all video clip as well as voice telephone calls, as it finishes with any kind of documents and also instant messages you discuss.

Apple, as well, does end-to-end encryption for FaceTime as well as iMessage. This suggests that no-one yet the sender as well as receiver can watch them.

FaceTime vs Skype: Which one is the best?

This article was never ever intended to inform you- which one is better. If you have access to a gadget which can use FaceTime as well as the person you wish to talk with does too, it makes sense to compare these. Quality is a bit better compared to Skype over the very same web connection in our encounter.

Skype, however, is more compatible as well as has more functions. Both services are free as well as protected. And since you could set up Skype on iOS and also Mac OS, there’s truly no need to limit on your own to using just one if you have an Apple device: install them both. If you do not have an Apple device, you cannot make use of FaceTime anyhow. FaceTime can also be installed in desktop/laptop, so, hopefully you have got all the important information, let us know if we have missed out on anything in this article.

Top 3 Features of Garageband Music App


Garageband is a cool app for the hardcore fan of music. Connect to the virtual world of music and play your veteran tunes. This app is more than just creating own music, you can create share and earn money through this app because you will be connected with all music lovers around the world and they are ready to pay minimum $5 for a unique music. The app is officially available on iOS and Mac but users can also compose & edit music on other platforms by following the guide regarding Garageband for PC.


There are many appealing features that make this app really a popular one. Finding out the embedded features is really thrilling.

Best Features of Garageband

Listen, make and enjoy Music

The current version of this superb music app, GarageBand ’11, makes creating a tune without touching an instrument even much easier with Magic GarageBand. Essentially, this will direct you through the steps requirement to develop a fantastic songs track for any video clip or ringtones or simply your very own music to show family and friends. Here’s the best ways to start chasing your dreams. Wanna do it right now? Let me show you how to start up. Firstly, open GarageBand ’11 as well as click the Magic GarageBand symbol in the left-hand pane. There will certainly be nine icons in the area to the right, each representing a various music category. To pay attention to each track, hover over the certain symbol you want to listen to and click on the Preview button that shows up.

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Compose your own ringtone

All you need is the latest version of GarageBand, iTunes 7.5 and some music files. Oh! I really forget to mention another one- an apple iphone, of course!! You can use these tracks that you create with Magic GarageBand and import an MP3 track to GarageBand making your ringtone. Here’s just how. Once you have got determined what music you desire for your custom made ringtone, click on the Pattern switch in the control area (it resembles an oval constructed of arrows). Then, click on the little symbol to the left of the LCD- it’s a style panel. It will have a music note, a clock, a receiver, or a metronome symbol there. Set it to Time, the little clock symbol. This will make the display screen reveal mins and also secs, as opposed to bars as well as beats.

It’s a complete recording solution if you have an iPhone

GarageBand is not only a complete featured recording workshop, a very qualified MIDI synth terminal, an electronica musician’s dream without any doubt. You can start recording and playing music without a day of music lessons. It’s a superb app for podcasting. GarageBand makes producing a podcast easy and enjoyable.

On the right, you’ll see the media searching pane. Click the loop browser switch to raise the jingles, stingers. When put correctly, these will make your podcast seem even more like professional radio music than a garage recording.