iPhone 8 will be waterproof and dust-resistant

When It comes to one of the most popular smart phone manufacturing company Apple has proved itself to be one such company that has been consistent with the release of smart phone that stand apart. With the release of iphone 7 which performed pretty average in the market the Apple iphone fans look forward for the release of the next model which is going to be iphone 8. Rumors are a huge part of a release, which is why we are going to provide some updates we got to hear about Apple iphone 8 so far. Apple has decided to launch the smart phone on their 10th anniversary of Apple which means that Apple is going to go overboard in terms of redesigning. We hear that iphone 8 is going to be water proof and dust resistant. So let us have a look at the rumors about the Apple iphone 8 that has been in and around for quite some time. Read the full article to the end to find out about the rumors which turn out to be the epitome of redesigned smart phone.

Now coming to the news about the iphone 8 being waterproof and dust resistant, we know that for the last release iphone 7 IP67 rating made the smart phone be immersed upto 1meter for about 30 minutes .However, the IP68 rating takes it up a notch and can stand immersion up to 1.5 metre for about 30 minutes. However, several smartphones have moved much faster than Apple in this regard with Sony and other adapting IP69 and nearly 99% water-proofing. On the 10th-anniversary edition of Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come in a stainless steel chasis and an all glass body. The makers had applied this last on the iPhone 4S but had to switch to aluminium due to quality issues. Apple on its next flagship has also decided to have a build bezel-less curved OLED displays for its iPhone 8.The 5-inch and 5.8-inch bezel-free iPhones with borderless design will allow for the new iPhones to have the same overall size as current 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. The iPhone 8 will come also have LG Innotek 3D dual lens cameras and iris scanner where one can simple unlock their phone with the glimpse of their eyes. Along with the rumors of the features that would be there in the latest iphone 8 we also hear rumors about the release date of the smart phone which is going to be in the month of April, which is known to be the official month that Apple releases their iphone in the market. Rumors about the price of the latest Apple iphone 8 is going to be around $1200, which is deemed to be expensive but worthy since the features are extremely desirable. iphone 8 will come with latest iOS 11.

Thus, we are looking forward to the launch of Apple iphone 8 that would be not only waterproof but also dust resistant and have a larger, curved screen that extend to the edges along with the additional features like wireless charging, all glass body, iris scanner, OLED screen, three varients, extended memory capacity, HD dual lens camera and many more.

Why your Car Battery might Last Shorter

A car’s battery may not be as big as the engine, but in terms of importance it’s huge. If your car battery doesn’t supply the necessary 12 volts it is supposed to, the self-starter motor will not crank and you can’t drive your car. Also, with the modern cars heavily relying on electronic equipment it’s practically impossible to drive a car without a healthy battery. Maintaining a car’s battery isn’t very difficult in the 21st century as the battery technology has improved a lot like other technologies, but still many people refuse to go by the simple rules and end up with a dead battery. Before you purchase your next best car battery, you might want to know what’s shortening your existing battery’s life.

Lack of Regular Checks

You could say a lot about a car battery’s health just by regularly checking it. Even though traditional sealed lead-acid batteries are almost maintenance free, owners still need to check the liquid level and carbon formation around the connector poles. Maintenance free batteries need occasional adding up of the liquid to stay healthy. By forming the habit of checking these easy factors before driving a car every day, the battery could have a slightly longer lifespan.

Bad Practices

The very latest models of cars have better power management, unlike the older ones. If you are using an early 2000’s car, or a late 1900’s then chances are you need to adapt yourself to the battery’s restrictions. A lot of people keep the cabin light turned on for nothing, or keep the stereo turned on while the battery runs weak. These aren’t much of an issue for a blink, but when done for around an hour or so – they draw enough power to make the battery fail. If the starting motor doesn’t get adequate power, it won’t crank up and there’s no charging the battery through the car’s engine, either.

Battery Corrosion

Older cars might not have protection to overcharging, or might have limitations that requires user intervention from time to time. For that reason, it is necessary to do regular maintenance of a car’s battery charging system so that the battery doesn’t overcharge or undercharge. Any of these scenarios could destroy a car battery slowly and you won’t want that. Carbon leftovers collect on the battery poles when such corrosion happens and it could be cleaned by plain hot water and baking soda.

Check the Belts

A lot of belts run through the engine compartments to keep the components on a car engine running. A loose belt would make the energy transfer partially or totally ineffective, so it’s necessary to keep the belts tight. The alternator belt works to charge the battery while the engine is running. If the alternator belt is loose, the battery won’t charge probably or its charging pattern will fluctuate, reducing the battery’s lifespan.


These are the main reasons why a battery’s life gets shortened. There are best car batteries in the market but if properly taken care, all the batteries can perform up to a higher mark. we are a guide for best car wax, we must check for your car.

SnapTube Video and Music Downloader

SnapTube is an application which has inbuilt option for video and music downloading. But when I say music that is meant for the audio of the videos which can be stored on your smart phones. Every one of us streams videos online on the most popular or I would say common application, YouTube. What SnapTube does it; it has so many in linked websites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Vines, Instagram or Facebook and one can download any of the videos from any platform which is there on the internet. Isn’t that hell of an amazing feature of the App, plus with the free Snaptube APK download , ‘ it does feels like Christmas again’?


But this not all about Snaptube, when it was officially launched in 2014 it came with a less diversified version of its own but the newest edition of the APK file is one of the most popular application among all android phone users. Yes there are few other video downloading applications on Google’s Play Store but let’s see what makes SnapTube so Distinct from other apps.

  1. Optimization: when we talk about optimization, it is actually searches the keyword among all listed websites and then cross referenced with the most popular or relevant videos and displays them in order. With this whatever “keyword” you have typed in the search box, it can show content available on every website and you could explore array of videos through this application.
  2. Built-in features: SnapTube has more than 15 websites listed with in the application to search and download videos from there, not only if u need any other web site from which you would like to download the videos, click on “get more apps” too add and to browse more videos. These all built-in features are the reason that SnapTube has more than 4 million users now.
  3. Audio function: this will blow your minds off, no need to download music from iTunes or from any other platform, when you can download the music from SnapTube and that would not cost you any extra dime. Apart from that there are some of the websites also in built with the application which lets its users to download good quality music in mp3 format.
  4. Storage: one of the things that have to be appreciated about SnapTube is transparency, you can choose the quality type of all the files you would like to download with the downloading size, similarly with the audio data which is already in mp3 format and you can choose from the quality that can vary from 128KBS to 256KBS. This gives you a clear indication of how much of your phone storage will be used in order to save all the files.

Also Check: GarageBand App Features

I think the motto of the company is absolutely correct about the application, it is Easy, fast and simple. Nobody like fuss when you are in relaxing mood to browse some videos and music. The main reason why this application becoming trending day by day is having multiple usage from one single application.

LG G6 Full Specification, Release date , Features and More

One of the most trusted brands LG faces a tough competition with companies like Samsung and Apple. The ongoing battle amongst these companies leads to the birth of classic and efficient smart phones that are available in the market. With the success of LG G5, LG is has come up with yet another beauty of the latest in the series LG G6. With the news pouring in this Smartphone is said to be one of the best smart phones of the year 2017 in terms of its features and specifications. Let us find out the reasons to justify this statement.


The features that makes it the Coolest Smartphone this 2017

With the release of a new series upgrades are an obvious part of a Smartphone and LG G6 is no exception. There is news about the fact that LG G6 is going to have an entirely new design, and will not be having the G5’s modular design. Apart from this the Smartphone is going to be equipped with an iris scanner. The fact that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a similar feature, the distinction lies in the fact that in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the second camera for iris recognition, while the LG G6 is has the selfie camera and iris scanner that coexist.

Another added feature of LG G6 is that it is going to have Snapdragon 830. The fact that Qualcomm has not materialized this it would be interesting to see this addition of the feature in LG G6. As the features do not stop here we hear that the Smartphone is going to have a RAM which will be of 6 GB or more along with and dual camera capabilities. The LG G6 has to meet up to the success of its sibling LG G5 and with such feature there is no doubt that it will be able to do so successfully.

Apart from this, the specifications of the LG G6 will include

  • Optical image stabilization plus
  • Dual LED
  • Geo tagging
  • Facial recognition
  • 3D front and back camera element
  • Auto laser
  • The front camera will be of 7.0 Megapixels and the rear camera will be of 24 Megapixels.

LG G6 is said to be launched next year, and with such attractive features the Smartphone LG G6 looks promising and it looks like this would be worth the amount to be spent on. However, the official release date has yet to be confirmed, but we hear that the upcoming LG G6 is going to make its official debut at the Mobile World Congress (2017) event to be happned in Barcelona.

Best Expensive New Year Gifts for Men and Women

New Year is the biggest event of the year. We all eagerly wait for this as it comes once in a year. We celebrate this day by exchanging exciting present with our closed one as well as friends and relatives. The gift exchanging process is the most charming part of this festival. You can collect gifts from market and shopping mall or you can create your own at home. If you want to give an expensive or exclusive gift to impress your Boyfriend/Girlfriend or spouse them here I suggest some of that kind of New Year presents. So, this Happy New Year 2017, make great plans for your near dear and celebrate it never like before.


Gift ideas for Girlfriend/Wife

Bag or Purse

Girls have a special attachment with their purse or bag. Wherever they go they carry bag. Give a fashionable designer bag to your princess and see a thousand volt smile on her face.


This is an expensive and useful gift for all. If you can afford this then it will the best gift of New Year. Now many women love to capture nice shot of everyday life or nature. So this gift is ideal for that purpose. Pack it with some colourful Happy New Year Images, it would surely add some extra charm to it.


You can give Bracelet or Ear Rings of semiprecious stone. Your lady will fall in love with you again to see this gift on New Year. You also can buy of Gold or Platinum if your budget permits.

Designer dress

There is a default designer stays into a woman. On this special occasion you should try a designer dress for your lady love. Every woman has strong addiction with clothes.

Gift Ideas for Boyfriend/Husband


Men are simple compare to the women and there are limited gift options for them.  You can present branded shoes. This will also very useful.


T-Shirt is men favorite accessory. You definitely noticed so many of this on your man’s wardrobe. So present a nice and trendy branded t –shirt to your loved ones on this New Year. It will surely give him a nice satisfaction.

Wrist Watch

Want to give really expensive gift to your special one?? Then give him a wrist watch of any renowned brand. He will fell so lucky to have this one.


You can give an aviator sunglass to your husband/boyfriend. This is also an exclusive and expensive gift for men.

Friends! These are just a gift option do not take it otherwise, because gift is gift. Gift should not compared with money or price. It is only a way to express love or affection to another. So present gift according to your choice. Receiver’s smile is important not the price. Share gift and happiness among all and stay blessed.

GarageBand, Meet the Best Music App Ever Made for Budding Musicians

Have you ever wanted to be a musician or if you like music and wanted to make your own track? GarageBand is the best way for anyone to make excellent audio files promptly and effortlessly. With this you will very become familiar with the workspace and some of its most important features. In just a few simple steps, you could learn some tricks to make your first audio file and start using GarageBand for PC to cater to most (if not all) of your audio needs.


This Apple application is a digital audio workstation, which can create audio files ranging from voiceovers, instrumentals, podcasts and much more. GarageBand can often be found on most Apple devices, including Mac desktop computers, Macbooks, iPads and iPhones. Even if an Apple device does not have GarageBand preinstalled, it can be downloaded from the App Store.

Here how you can get it for yourself-

Find the spot– if you already have this application preinstalled in your apple device than you may skip this step but if you don’t you should search it on Google and get it. It is very easy go to google.com and in the search box write “download GarageBand” and enter. Once the results are displayed select the one says “GarageBand in App store”. Click buy and download it for your Mac book.

Installation– if you are using Google Chrome a pop-up window will open, just click “launch application” and it will automatically re-direct to the app store and start downloading. After that click to the grey button that says $4.99 to buy and confirm your Apple ID and Password to peruse further.

Locating the app– once it is downloaded and completely installed on your Mac, it can be easily located by clicking on “Finder” located on the dock. In the list go to applications, a window will appear and see the “icon with guitar” labeled as GarageBand, click it twice to launch the application.

Docking the app– it will become easier for you if want to use this program oftenly, It can only be done if it is already launched. Go the dock, by holding the CTRL button click on the GarageBand icon, then move the cursor to options and hit “keep in Dock” option.

The first project- when you open this application you will see an icon named “empty project” should be the last icon under “new project”. From that you would be having four choices-

·       Software Instrument: Play sounds from your Mac

·         Audio (Microphone): Record using a microphone.

·         Audio (Guitar/Bass): Record guitar or bass using Garageband as an Amplifier

·         Drummer: Add drums that mechanically play with your songs

You might select the first one, which says “software instruments” because we can’t use any of the real vocals or instruments. This selection where you play sounds from your Mac allows you to record Musical Instrument Digital Interface (aka known as MIDI) & also use Apple’s MIDI loops.

How to Celebrate Christmas Day

Merry Christmas 2016 is very pious and holy festival for all Christians. Though it is now celebrated globally. Both Christians and non-Christians are equally observed this day with great enthuse. The traditions are differing from country to country. But the aim of us is same and that is share love and happiness with each other. Are you prepared for this most popular wintery event?? Do you have any plan how to celebrate this special day? Don’t think much friends, I am here for your help. But first you should know why we celebrate Christmas or what the reason behind this day is.


Why Christmas is celebrated

As we know Christmas is observed to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. All Christians believe that Jesus is the son the God. No one knows what the actual birthday of Jesus is. We, Christians follow the Bible but there is no date found on Bible about this matter. Then the question arises first why we celebrate this day as his birthday? Actually we people are loved to believe in superior things which have no right explanation. We believe in god and we believe that Jesus his son. God sent him to save our life. He is the true messenger of light. So Christian thoughts this is the perfect cause to show honor to holy Jesus. The first documentation date of Christmas being commemorated on December 25th was in 336.

How is the Christmas Celebrated?

Christmas is one of those holidays that come with loads of cheer, admiration and wonder. You can celebrate this festival in your own way. You can go for religious path or can stand on secular way.

Religious Method

Choose some activities which fit with the meaning of Christmas

If you are a true Christian then you should do some activity which fit with the meaning of Christmas Festival.

Spend time quietly on Church

This day is very special for religious Christian. So hopefully you love to spend some time quietly on church.

Invite God to come and celebrate the day with you

I know some of my friends who follow this method on Christmas Eve service. If you love god or want to say thank or wish to stay with the almighty then this method is appropriate for you. You can do it by your own choiceable place and time. Making God part of your celebration is very auspicious.

Create your own nativity scene

This is a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas to create nativity in your house or garden. You might take others help. If you are unable to create your own, you can attend a Nativity play at your locality.

Secular Method

Decorate Your House for Christmas

Christmas is a colorful event. It has its own spark and grace. On this blissful moment you should decorate your house beautifully. You will also feel good to see your own house.

Do a Generous Act

This is in the spirit of spreading out pleasure, generosity, elegance as well as love during the Christmas season.

Go Christmas Caroling

You can join Christmas Caroling at your home or at church on Christmas Eve.

Invite Your Friends or Family over for Christmas Dinner

We are all very busy in our profession. We do not have much time to take a sigh of relief. But Festival brings us closed. You can invite your relatives or friends on this occasion for dinner. Do not forget to check Merry Christmas Clipart

Awesome Gift Ideas for Veteran’s Day 2016

Veterans Day is celebrated on 11th November and  is an official United States public holiday. This day is celebrated to honor military veterans, who served in the United States Armed Forces. This day was initially named Armistice Day, but later in 1954 this American holiday was named Veterans Day. This day coincides with other holidays, like  Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, that marks the anniversary of World War I. This honorable is celebrated for all those who fought for their country . Due to the fact of it being a federal holiday, some Americans get a holiday from their workplace. during this time non-essential federal government offices are closed. Veterans Day 2016 will be celebrated around United States on 11th November, check out some great gift ideas in the below section.

veterans day gift ideas

Those federal workers who work on that day receive a holiday day apart from their own salary.The celebration of this honorable day is usually done by observing parades and public meetings, which usually beings at 11 am. In case, Veterans Day falls on a weekday, the Veterans Day parades and celebration is held on the weekend before or after November 11 so that public can have an active participation in the celebration.

Best Veterans Day Gift Ideas

One can gift a veteran who served the country without thinking about their life a nice knitted scarf. The pattern of the scarf can be our national flag.

Para cord bracelets is another interesting and unique gift idea  tool to repair gear, fishing line, tripwire, nets, traps, and other survival situations. Para cord bracelets are a symbol of support for military and first responders.

Unique 550 Cord Bracelets, which will be a perfect gift as this will serve the purpose of survival items. These are available in different color and patterns and would go perfectly with a civilian attire.

One can make the Veterans day even more special for the veteran by making them feel appreciated and special with a handmade greeting card. A “thank you” card would be the ultimate gift for those soldiers who are far away from their family and loved ones during the holiday.

One can even gift T-shirts, badges, stickers, coffee mugs and various other items, apart from the common gift which include flowers and decorative items related to the service.

In conclusion, this is one of the most honorable celebration, for those who have given their lives for the country and for those who are still fighting for the safety of the country. It is a fact that many people confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. The difference between them is that Veteran Day is celebrated for the service of all U.S. military veterans, while Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who gave their lives and those who perished while in service.Therefore, in order to pay our respect one should make it a point to gift something special to a veteran.

What are the Best Cats’ Characteristics

If you have a cat you know! And if you don’t have then you must know! Here the thing I am talking about is cats’ characteristics. Cats actually emblem many of humans’ nature and characteristics. This lazy creature is very funny and can give you some of the best memories of life. Here is for you some of the Cats’ characteristics, experiencing which can make your day. National Cat Day will be celebrated around the world on 29th October, so cat lovers out there, check out some best characteristics of cats.


Loving and Caring

Cat is that domestic animal who is mostly clam and does not bother their masters much. They love to be cuddly and very friendly with kids. Though there are many negative


Yes, cats are curious. Every time, if they get something which they don’t understand or they find mysterious, they just pounce on them, until they come to a conclusion! They take their curiosity very seriously!

Cats are independent animals. Cats and dogs often coexist in harmony, and felines and birds or hamsters are also known to be friends. Still it is better to keep the cat alone as they are very independent and has a curious mind. They try to pouch and taste or feel everything they get!


One of the laziest animal of the universe this ball of furs spend almost 1/3 of their life. Known for sleeping almost every weird place they are very cuddly to and prefers warmth at the time of sleep and chill!

Smart and Intelligent

 Cat is a smart animal and they are intelligent too! If you watch their poster and movement and the way they watch their prey and hunt, it is a sheer expression of their sharp and fertile mind. Though their lazy nature often over shadow it but at times of need, they can be very smart in their conduct.


Cats are funny. They do weird stuffs to entertain their masters and at times entertain themselves. You can find it sitting in an unladylike position or jumping here and there. Don’t worry, when they sprawl their legs open they are probably relaxing and if they are dancing and jumping for no reason they are probably panting up the stored energy.


Of course, a cat is playful. If they like or hate some toy, their loving or angry expression with that toy or thing can make your day. They jump, purr, run and gets scared and jump into in your lap! They are real playmates for the kids. Though, they are grumpy at times but they are really very charming and playful.


Cats have a habit of rubbing themselves to their masters. It’s weird and a very cute habit. Such behaviors are just a clear indication of their loving and friendly nature of a cat. Yes, cats are friendly but they don’t lick you as a dog to prove their friendly nature they just become more cozy with you.

Silly and Goofy

Yaa, that they are! Have you seen them doing weird stuffs! They are crazy! Then jump, fights with a toy sleeps in your kitchen and oven is their favourite! They follow you wherever you go! They make weird faces and give funny expressions. If you have a cat you must know, as these are your everyday incident with your cat!


If there is one thing, you can relate a cat with a specific gesture of them that will be their cuddly nature. Cat is those animals who has a very feminine characteristics and that is why two things are very prominent of their character. One is getting love and the other is to get attention. Their cuddly nature actually fulfils both of them.


Haha, one of my favourite actions from them! They stretch a lot, literally. The stretching is just too human an action and do it usually after a good sleep and the relation between sleep and cats is god written. So, after a good sleep they do that too!

Tendency to Vocalize

Cats have a tendency to vocalize. They can create different sound at different situations. Now if you watch very carefully, then you will be able to understand the mentality of a cat at that time of purring. They get angry easily as they are very pampered. So, most of the time, their anger and irritation come through their tendency to vocalization.

Kid Friendly

Cats love kids. They are their best friends and they at times are very protective towards them. So if you are scared that if you have a small kid in the house then you should no bring a cat in your home! That’s an absolutely a misconception. Whether it can turn out to be your baby’s best friend and the best gift ever!

 Wow isn’t it great! We all know cats are adorable though in preference they are after dogs. But if you want have some funny and memorable days of your life adopt a cat and life will be full of fun and surprises.

What is iMessage? — All Information

what is imessage

iMessage is an Instant Messaging application developed by apple for its devices. iMessage for Windows handles both the standard SMS service and Instant messaging service that works by using the mobile data plan or wifi. It is one of the simplest application available for messaging and is a popular device with more than a billion plus installs. You can use the iMessage app on iPhone, iPad,iPod and Mac simultaneously.

what is imessage

The instant messaging service in iMessage app sends images, files or videos to iOS devices and Mac using mobile internet or wifi that have an activated iMessage app. iMessage does not have options to call directly from the app like other instant messaging services but you can use Facetime app which also comes by default with the Apple devices.

Here are some basic things you should know to take care of before using iMessage app.

Turning iMessage on or off:

To turn iMessage on or off follow these steps. First, go to settings and then to messages and then you can turn it on or off by toggling the button next to iMessage.  If you are not using iMessage app or not working properly then you can use SMS service which comes by default.

Alternative to iMessage if it is not functioning properly:

To use SMS/MMS on youriPhone, you should have a text messaging plan. Users can also set up their other Apple devices to send and receiveSMS and MMS messages. Ifwifi is not available or not in range then the iMessage app uses the mobile data to send and receive the messages.

To enter a new contact:

Toenter a mobile number or email id of the person to whom you need to send the message follow these. You can add the contact by pressing the + button which is at the top right corner and then choose a contact to send  a message.You can include or add photos, videos, audio and also include emojis in your messages.

Forwarding a message:

For forwarding a message you have to open the iMessage app and then you have to select the message out all the conversations you have. Then you choose the conversation and once you see the message you need to forward then long press on the selected textwhich gives you the option to copy. After copying the message that you need then open a new contact to whom you need to send. Now again long press on the text area then you can see an option to paste.Then click on send button and the message will be forwarded successfully to the contact.

These are some basic commands every iMessage user should know to use the instant messaging app.

iMessage being a popular messaging app Apple releases regular updates which may sometimes not work correctly or changes the presetting which would be awful. So users should backup their data regularly to your PC or iCloud by which you can restore your setting and messages again.